Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Hiatus!

So, I apologize for our lack of updating! Just when we were beginning to feel settled in New Orleans, the kids and I came on a long trip to Florida. As the fall semester started, we knew it was going to be difficult for Ron to settle into school and internship so we decided the best things would be for me and the kids to give him a few weeks to get settled into the new routine without us there vying for his attention. What were we thinking! We miss him terribly! Eliana is once again confused about where "home" is. (When we moved to New Orleans, she spent 2 weeks knocking on the door crying to go "home." Anyway, things are going incredibly well, and we are loving getting to spend time with my family, but we miss Ron! "Phone Dad" just doesn't cut it! We look forward to really getting settled into our new life in New Orleans in just a couple of weeks. Eliana is excited about starting a new Kindermusik class, and she will also start gymnastics this Fall!

God continues to teach us so much in this chapter of our lives. I have always been a planner, and would love to have the rest of my life planned out yesterday, but God seems to never allow that to happen! So, we are just taking it one day at a time. Seminary has seemed to consume our lives over the last forever and while our growth has been substantial and our relationships valuable, I eagerly await the close to this chapter of our lives! As we look towards Ron's graduation in May, I would love nothing more than to "move on." But God has not promised us this, instead He continues to urge me to invest where He has put us now and to invest regardless of our time here, short or long. We are currently attending First Baptist New Orleans and I look forward to where God will place us to serve Him there. Please continue to pray for us as we seek His will in where to jump in.

OK, so I know I have been slow on getting updated pictures, but I promised and we finally took the kdis to get them done!


Vicki said...

WOW! The kids have changed so much and it just doesn't seem like that long ago that we had breakfast! I'm glad you are here, but I know you'll be ready to go home again! Talk to you soon!

The Cooke Family said...

I love to just come back to your site just to see those sweet faces!!!!!!!!

Susan Hunt said...

How adorable!!!