Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beyond Hearing

Ok, so I admit, I am horrible at keeping up with our blog! (in fact, I started the draft for this post so long ago I had to change Caden's age by 3 months!!!! (so while this says November, I am really posting "as of" February 9th!)

But, With a 2 year old and a 9 month old, not much gets done beyond survival! But oh has God been working! Since we moved back to New Orleans in May I have been umm well yeah pestering is a good word, : ) Ron about plans for next year. I am a planner and I like to know! Ron graduates in May and I really wanted to know how to plan after that. I had been praying about it but certainly not fervently. I think I just assumed since we are so far out He surely woundn't tell me yet! : ) But then one night, God said very clearly, "get out your Bible and get alone with me. I am ready to tell you the next step of the plan" I was super excited and yet at the same time shocked! The next morning I was finally able to sit alone and I got out my Bible and began to pray. God clearly gave me a Scripture from 2 Samuel, and I read it. My response was, ok Lord, I think I get it but there is room here for interpretation, so can you give me something more clear? (I know, how selfish am I : )) He then gave me a Scripture that brought tears to my eyes. In Jeremiah 12 God answers Jeremiah and says he will destroy the land, leave it in waste. He will uproot his people, but then in verses 15-16 He says, "But after I uproot them I will again have compassion and will bring each of them back to his own inheritance and his own country. And if they learn well the ways of my people and swear by my name . . . then they will be established among my people." Yeah, I was a little floored! God was so clear! So, as Ron's graduation and a slew of uncertainties come in May, one certainty is that we are to stay and serve in New Orleans. Please pray with us as we seek God's will in where He will have us serve after graduation . . . this city is in so much need of Jesus, and we are thrilled that God has called us to serve here.

Over the last month i have had the privilege of attending 2 women's conferences, in which God is getting a little monotonous! (perhaps if I had listened the first time, He wouldn't have had to repeat Himself!) This weekend, I was so blessed to hear Priscilla Shirer. She talked about how she is often intimidated with what God has called her to do, but it is about obedience. WOW! I have been so scared about all that I think God is currently calling me to do! A few months ago I really felt God sharing a glimpse of the future, and as I prayed I told Him, my greatest fear is a life of mediocrity. I want so badly to live a life of radical abandonment to Jesus Christ . . . to impact this world for His Kingdom. Well, God very clearly said He has nothing close to mediocrity for us! Now, let me just tell you, it is one thing to not want mediocrity and a whole other to follow God down the path of obedience that leads to change! It is scary! I have really felt God calling me to a ministry of speaking and teaching. Now for quite awhile I have felt this is simply a "dream" I mean what do I have to share? I feel, just as Pricilla Shirer said, intimidated and overwhelmed (and that is Priscilla Shirer, imagine just plain old me!!!) So while sitting in the conference "Beyond Hearing" the last few nights, God clearly said "what are you waiting for? It is time to step out and obey." And just as i started with my typical whining when He says that, the words to the old hymn (that we had just sang) came to mind. "This is my story this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long." And although I have no idea what God has for me in the future, I do know where my obedience has to start. With my story. Many of you know that one of my biggest losses in Katrina was my journals. Well, I am going to "go back" and begin to retell my Spiritual heritage, my legacy. I need all of you to please pray for me . . . that God would bring to mind that which He wants me to remember, nothing more, nothing less. I think that to help keep me accountable with this, I will attempt to post my journaling here (even as I say that it scares me!) but, the time has come to be obedient, to finally step out "beyond hearing."

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The Cooke Family said...

This was great Nicole! I love you so much and love to hear about the things the Lord is teaching you! He has given you great wisdom - one thing I would work on though........Maybe a few more ENTRIES!!!!!!! : ) Can't wait to see you and your beautiful babies! Give them a BIG hug & kiss from Aunt Stina.