Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Next Step

So I think it is fair to say that we get an “F” in blogging 101.  When we last updated this blog we were a family of four, now we are a family of five.  Journey Faith Cook joined our family on February 15, 2010.  It is amazing to watch her grow along with Eliana and Caden.  Also, when we last updated this blog we were living in New Orleans where I was pursuing my Master of Divinity in Psychology and Counseling.  After five years of work I finished that degree in May 2008 and we then moved to Fort Myers, FL where I founded Abundant Life Christian Counseling Center, Inc.  For the past year and a half I have been providing counseling for individuals, couples, and families in the Southwest Florida region.  However, five years ago when Nicole and I were going through a pre-departure training program at Mission Training International, God burdened me with a desire to work primarily with other ministers and missionaries in a field that is now commonly known as Member Care.  At the time I assumed that this would be something that I would do later in life after I had paid my dues in counseling and ministry.  However, in the time since we moved back to Fort Myers, God has continued to place this desire at the forefront of my mind.  Last November I was able to attend the Mental Health and Missions Conference in Angola, IN.  There I was able to finally discover some of the ways that I could use my gifts as a counselor to serve the missions community.  Now, God is finally opening the doors that I have been anxiously awaiting.  In the coming days I will be sharing about an opportunity that I have to minister to missionaries serving in Russia as well as some of the reasons why Member Care has become such a vital ministry.  Thank you for reading this and being a part of our lives.



Rob said...

I look forward to reading...

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